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and saw no thorns that rose did bear...

White Rose

I kneel down, Oh River Jordan
On your banks I leave my heart
Living here I've known such darkness
I come to lay my burden down

I'll heal my wounds in the robes of Jesú
Through his wounds flows the River of Life
We cannot know where He would lead us
We cannot see the other side

Loving you was my own Cross
My mortal destiny to own
There is no rest without you here
No other love that I have known

I've stood this rock and I've walked The Valley
I've led my brother that distant shore
I placed a white rose upon his tombstone
And saw no thorns that rose did bear

Now light and dark spring from one mother
With but a heartbeat in between
The Breath of Life flows from The Father
Where the river ends is a merciful thing
It's merciful

©1997 Betty Elders/Jim Netter Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music
All rights reserved.

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