from CD Daddy's Coal

Welcome Home Heart

Welcome home heart
You've done it again
You let someone break you
When will it end
How many times will it take
You keep making the same old mistakes
Like you have from the start
Welcome home heart

Welcome home heart
Was I easy to find
I'm the one on my knees
Going out of my mind
How many times can you stand
You keep falling again and again
Well now that's not so smart
Welcome home heart

Heart of mine
Heart of mine
Take a good look
And see what you've done to me
I cry and I cry but you never change
Why won't you listen to me

Each time someone breaks you
You swear that you'll mend
But here you are broken to pieces again
All apart
Welcome home heart

Right here's where we start
Welcome home heart

Words and music copyright ©1989 Betty Elders/ Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP)
Administered by BUG Music. All rights reserved.

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