We were searching for strong leadership
For a standup guy, un-tragically hip
To restore our foundations they were starting to slip, they were shifting

So in crawled the weasels and in crept the weeds
In came the wizards and witches and thieves
With words to entice, and late-night t.v. to tame us
We needed a hero a man among men
A real hard worker, a working man's friend
A bit of fresh blood in the government
A transformer...

He was a gentle man with faraway eyes
No warrior but no compromise
A teller of stories, a teacher, my friend, My God
He could have taught us all so much about us
This simple man - - no upper crust
Just a seeker, no saint, a commoner

And, oh how He could talk
We were dangerous boys; we couldn't be bought
And when the morning did come we all heard Him say
Remember my name
Will you remember?

How did He abide the likes of us
Sad testimony to truth and trust
Of faith and the faithless and all of that stuff we turn away from
We were searching for answers, blind to our sin
Bound to our fate, helpless as Him
And when the rivers ran red we could tell that He didn't blame us
For He said it all comes down to you and me
And Father and Son and T.H.G.
Guess it killed Him to know that we didn't believe...

And, oh how they would talk
We were dangerous men; we couldn't be bought
But when the morning shone through, we all heard Him say
Remember my name
Remember my name
Remember my name...

Remember my name...

© 1997, Betty Elders/ Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music
All rights reserved. Duplication prohibited.

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