from the out of print After the Curtain album

Open Letter

Behold the gentle countenance
He wears instead of crown
Sad eyes follow distant
And she watches him sit down
Then listens with intensity
For there's little she can say
To let him know the joy he gives
When he begins to play

His music fills her aching heart
And takes her to a time
Where life was so much simpler
Where love and laughter rhymed
And paints a different picture
Much brighter with no blues
A rainbow 'round her loneliness
A rainbow she can't lose

Oh man with such a gentle face
There's kindness in your smile
And she has found the peace she sought
In listening for awhile
So later as you're leaving
Take a minute if you dare
Find the lady with the rainbow
You're the light that you'll see there

--Words and music copyright ©1981 Betty Elders/
Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music
All rights reserved.

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