Betty's 1st album After the Curtain (out of print)

(When I recorded this first album of original songs, I was barely 29 years old.  30 seemd like a long way away.
By the time After the Curtain was finally released, I had turned 31.
Looking at Thirty used to be one of my most-requested songs.
That was some twenty+ years ago...)

Looking At Thirty

I sit and I sing to the faces I know
Maybe laugh tell a story it's part of the show
Things haven't changed in what seems like ten years
I'm not sure what's missing but I think it starts here

You say life is gracious full of good-timing friends
Bending elbows on barstools remembering when
Playing all our old hits 'til the wee hours of dawn
With no thought for tomorrow 'til the money was gone

So I ask you where we're going
And you say where we've been
We're looking at thirty
And wishing for ten

All my dreams for the future found their way to the shelf
They just lie catching dust there in spite of myself
Somehow I've chosen to lead a life
Of day to day living with no end in sight

So I sit and I wonder where the time goes so fast
And I smile at a young girl running in from the past
'Til she fades in the smoke that soon rolls into view
And I find I'm just singing one more song for you

So I ask you where we're going
For I know where we've been
We're looking at thirty
And we still think we're ten

Words and music copyright ©1981 Betty Elders/ Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music
ALL rights reserved.

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