song from Betty's CD Crayons

The Long Night

Each time that we speak now my mind just goes blank
As the ghost of some old lie surrounds me
Here in the long night so dark and so deep
Forever's a fist that keeps pounding

And the silence which follows feels more like a blast
Or a chorus of sighs when the die has been cast
And you run like a criminal in from my past
And I feel myself break from the sorrow

Still waters run silent; old wounds they run deep
And fear in the long night can find me
It drains my forgiveness and robs me of sleep
Like a key that was sent to unwind me

And I feel myself slipping like a fine grain of sand
Through the cracks in your fingers; through the hole in our plan
Back to the moment where hurting began
All the way back to the Garden

--Words and music copyright ©1995 Betty Elders/
Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music
All rights reserved.

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