from Betty's CD Crayons

Just To Have You Hum Along (The Futon Song)

The rumble of these tires along the highway
Reminds me of the way you'd hum along to all my songs
A little grin, a little groan oh baby

If I could just turn back the clock and hear you hum along again

I'd give up all this tea I bought hoping you'd stop by
At least a case of Orange Spice now
Tea is something I don't like

 I like coffee
I like it dark
It's not for wimps
You're not a wimp

But you're a Buddist
That's like..voodoo
Tea tastes like doodoo
But for you I'd buy tea
Just to have you
Just to have you
Just to have you

Hum along

 The silence of this rain against my window
Reminds me of the way you hair did
Fall across your face
A little grin, a little sigh; I lost my heart
Now I'm riding in this van tonight and I'm wishing I could fly
And I'd give away this futon that I never understood
How I thought I'd ever like it
Futons are as hard as wood

I miss my waterbed
It was an old one
It had a heater
I liked the motion
It let me sleep late
It kept my feet warm
I'll never be hip
I am a moron

I don't know Budda
I don't like whole wheat
I don't like hard beds
I don't want cold feet
I love dark coffee
I may love Jesus
I need the caffeine
I don't miss you much

 Please take these tea bags
For a compress
They'll ease the swelling
They'll ease the redness
You're gonna need them
You have a futon
It's like a flat rock
And you're a moron
You could be here now
On this waterbed
You'd like the m-motion
You could be here instead
I'd turn this van around
I'd give it all I've got
I'd crawl through shards of glass
I'd be what I was not

 Just to have you
Just to have you
Just to have you
Hum along

--Words and music copyright ©1995 Betty Elders
Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music
All Rights reserved.

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