from Betty's CD Crayons

Friend Of Mine

For ten long years of running
You have been my one companion
Friend of mine
You are courage you are wisdom
There is no one who stands taller
In my eyes

Now your hair is turning silver
Near the lines my weakness left upon your face
And you walk a little slower
Than the restless one who tries to set the pace
All the times you filled my needs before your own
I never once heard you complain
Time and again
You were my friend

I wrote songs for different lovers
Distant lands and countless others
None for you
I've been linked to some old memories
By the chains that bind
But never chained to you

All the flaws you never mention
Serve to edify your gentle selfless grace
And it was never my intention
You should ever have to suffer for my ways
All the times I could have told you
Well I guess perhaps I thought somehow you knew
Time and again
You were my friend

All the times I should have told you
Well I guess somehow I thought perhaps you knew
Love without end
You are my friend

Words and music copyright ©1995 Betty Elders
Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music

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