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Editor's Chair ~ November 13, 2003

Re: Veteran's Day, November 11, 2003.  

Please, all of you who are not vets, put down your little plastic American flags made in China and listen to me.  Consider the hidden costs of the War on Terrorism.  In terms of increasing dollar amounts you can find $$$ data HERE.  In terms of our military personnel, read on.

I write and I write and few of you listen.  Fewer still do anything.  Some of you do not know what to do.  Answer, at the very least; please, please share some of this--via email or perhaps on your own web pages.  Warning--the language used on the links below is angry, harsh, crude; not for young children.

Consider, please, the following: Our US military's persistent use of depleted uranium in weaponry (tanks, missiles, ammunition, et al) both Gulf War #1 and now #2?   Do you know what depleted uranium is? No, of course not.  Do you care?  Probably not.  But if it was going to be dumped in your back yard I bet you'd care.  Right now many of your own enlisted children and neighbors' children will be sent to Iraq to fight using these weapons (the greatest US recycling scheme yet).  Sick, maimed, and injured soldiers are (if they are lucky enough) being shipped back to the US and having their supposedly lifetime medical benefits cut or canceled on arrival:

The late (h-m-m-mmmm....) Senator, Paul Wellstone's fight for VA benefits for ATOMIC veterans --

The Pentagon, VA hospitals and the US government do not want Americans to know what is truly the cost of this war or what is actually going on in Iraq, Afghanistan. 

Now go look at photos on this page,
and ask yourself, do you truly, truly trust what CNN and the other alphabet media, reports?? 

Here's another worthwhile visit:

And earlier,

Are we so willing to be blind?

A Special documentary on PBS last night included candid conversations with many famous media Gulf War, Viet Nam war correspondents--the outcome?  They agreed that, currently, news journalism is "mostly entertainment since the military controls news output--this true since Korean War when the military took over role of censoring output."  

Go to and read for yourself.  

Speaking of "news"... I would also suggest that major pharmeceutical companies are benefitting from news' so-called "medical bulletins", being proffered by the media as FACT, but in reality are paid advertisements--vehicles for selling drugs.

If you ever wondered why the Bible referred to us all as SHEEP, it is because sheep are the dumbest, most helpless animals in the barnyard.

My desire is to find the truth.  Sometimes it is too hard to face.  If you made it this far in this editorial, you know the language on many of the above links is angry, full of concern for human welfare.  

I, too am angry.  Some of you reading this are even my own children (and grandchildren).  What is contained in the links may soon become your legacy from all of us comfortable, willfully ignorant parents. 

Now go look at this bill--
(Or simply type in "S89" to the search engine HERE)--a universal civilian/military draft is headed our way (look at the age limits).

Nevermind--just go on back to your video games, or back to sleep. The outcome will be the same, regardless.

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