Our tour of Europe with Joan and the band... 
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ithin these next few pages Gene and I will bring you some photos from our European adventure which, we hope, will give those who've never crossed the pond a little idea of what we saw, and for those who have - - our spin on something familiar. Our trip was indescribable; trying to pare it down to a manageable few photos, and - - well, you know my difficulty in trimming excess wordage - - and trying to still be informative, was an overwhelming job. We shot over 700 photographs with Gene taking most of the shots. Many did not work. From the ones which did, we had to chose carefully. Scanning and compressing photos (so download time is decreased) without losing the details, takes about an hour per photograph from the beginning of the process until they are uploaded to this site. I don't even know how many pics are here - but if you count them, it will give you an idea why this part of the website took so long to present in its entirety.
Thanks for listening....

(Many shows, to our regret, are undocumented here - - we were unable to be photographers and musicians simultaneously!  If you have a photo from a show you would like to see represented, please send me a copy and I will scan it and return it to you. Do not send me compressed files; I have found them to be difficult to work with.)

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So get comfortable, bring a snack, and thanks for letting us share with you a truly remarkable part of the world!!


Europe Part 1
~ photos of our journey ~

We began in Austin, flying to Frankfurt, Germany...  it was my first flight in ten years; I took this shot from my window seat...

en route...

When we arrived in Germany, we were delighted to stay at the Kempenksi Gravenbruch Hotel on the outskirts of Frankfurt:

kempenski hotel front

We rehearsed in Frankfurt for shows in Offenbach and Dresden. Our photos of those places did not turn out so well.
But our friends Tom And Vicki Belinoski (from Austin) - shown below - took several - - 

Tom, Gene, and Vicki came to the show

If it wasn't for Vicki, we would have no photos of our first concert on the tour. 

Here we are doing the encore - Don't Think Twice - with Richard, Gene, and Carol. The Germans loved the twang in my voice, they said. It was "real country!"

yodellay - he - hoo!!!

After the show, Vicki and Tom came backstage where they met Joan, then the rest of us gathered for a little mugging for the camera !

I can't wait for Emily and Beverly to see this picture!
Pictured: Me, Mark Peterson, Richard Shindell, Tom, Vicki, Gene, and Carol Steele

Gene's and my pics of our next stop did turn out - our first favorite city of the tour - Prague, Czechoslavakia (Czech Republic). Our bus was too big for the small street, so Chris - our driver - dropped us off out front at dawn:

the tour bus in prague

The waitpersons who served us our amazing breakfasts, with "shtempel..."

waitpersons at the hotel...A Czech fruit plate...

Since we were there two days, some of us ventured out by ourselves at first. Gene and I went to the oldest bridge in the city - a landmark, covered in statues and crawling with tourists, and artists selling paintings and jewelry:

En route to the old bridge (on foot) through the streets of Prague...

cobblestonesthru the citybelow the bridge...

Just one of the many statues on the bridge...

a statue on the bridge...

As we crossed the bridge, the first snow of Winter began to fall and everone cheered!

snowflakes on the bridge

On the bridge, we heard music coming from an accordion - there are many street musicians in Europe who play for tips:

tip the musician...Never On Sunday...leaving the bridge

Gene and I walked back to the hotel where we dined at a hotdog stand along the way ( a baguette with a wiener stuffed inside). The rest of the band was waiting at the hotel to go to President Havel's palace for a private tour and brunch!  I had to have my picture made with Richard for all my girlfriends back in Austin - he looked so enigmatic in his sunglasses.

the gang is hereRichard looks cool...another musician

 Along the way to the palace, we passed many artists, vendors and musicians. Yes, we even heard another accordion...   We walked up hundreds of steps to the palace high overlooking the city; when we arrived we walked (more) through miles and miles of rooms. We were really glad not to have to climb any more steps for awhile.

Gene and Joan

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