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With All That Is Happening....What Can I Do Now?

© 2004 Betty Elders

At eighteen, when I moved out of my parents' turbulent home, I also quickly became a church dropout.  My friends convinced me that faith was neither sensible or rational.  After all, how could God have let so many bad things happen, if He was such a loving Father?  

As time passed, a nagging void developed in my life as the reality of living settled in on me.  Over the next thirty years I tried to fill that void with motherhood, being a wife, and becoming a successful musician.  Increasingly frustrated and tired, I asked myself repeatedly, is this all there is to living?  Finally, in October of 1998, spiritual hunger and depression led me reluctantly to reading the Bible, where I discovered that Jesus truly is the bread of life.  I know now from my own personal experience that only He can satisfy the insatiable hunger in our hearts, no matter what is happening in our lives.

2000 years ago, the occupied nations suffered terrible torture and neglect under the tyranny of Rome.  As a result, the people of Jerusalem were poor, sick and afflicted, desperate for relief.  In the book of John (chapter 6), when Jesus had ministered to and fed 5,000+ such men, women, and children with but a few barley loaves and fish, those same people followed him to His next destination intent on another meal, willing to use force if necessary to make Him their king.  But Jesus, knowing their hearts, instead encouraged them to seek that food which does not perish; the True Bread.  Knowing their plight, He encouraged them to seek Him.

Today He is still the Bread of Life.  He still encourages us to come, believe, eat, get true relief from our suffering and be assured of life with Him, now and forever.  No matter what has happened in our lives--no matter what we have done.   Knowing that He has already accomplished the hardest part for us, and that He offers to each of us who needs it His free gift of love and help, makes each day now in this harsh reality of a world in chaos a little easier for me to bear.  Perhaps reading that story in chapter 6 of John will help you, too.   

You can read it HERE (NKJV; Antioch translation) --

Jesus said, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." 

It is still true.

You are in my prayers.
-- Betty

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