Part 9
(New Year's Eve)

Grace and Sebastian - Christmas 2002
Christmas 2002 with our grandson Sebastian and Grace, our dear, longsuffering golden retriever.

What will be my memories of 2002?

It was the year after 9-11.

It was the year the Raelians made headlines on CNN with a clone baby (virgin birth?) allegedly born December 26, the day after Christmas, purporting to be the firstborn (clone) among many brethren (and sistren), purporting to have been sired extra-terrestrially (vs. Holy Spirit?), purporting to offer to all who "believe" in cloning the prospect of extended, eternal living ((vs. eternal life), a baby girl, "Eve", soon to be examined by some very Wise Men, doctors, in the USA....If anti is Greek (Aenti or aentai or aeint) for AGAINST, or that which insinuates itself in place of, or that which is in direct opposition to, then what does anti-Christ mean.  Do not confuse anti with ante.  Not the same.

It was the year I had all silver fillings, containing approximately 52% toxic mercury amalgam,  removed from my mouth and replaced with white resin fillings.  I cannot now go into all the health benefits I am experiencing having done this.  To say I was skeptical, is an understatement.  I was desperate, is the truth.  God bless Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE.  God bless Dr. M.A.McRedmond who removed my amalgams without harm to myself or anyone in his office.   God bless my daughter-in-law and the many who raised my awareness of this auto-immune-system-destroying toxin.

It was the year Gene and I were diagnosed with stage 6 Epstein-Barr Virus.

It was the year we discovered that those weapons of mass destruction owned by Saddam Hussein were created and sold to him by our own government, for at least 11 years.

It was the year we discovered pathogenic mycoplasma, a strategic, militarized weapon of mass destruction, owned by the United States government--US patent #5, 242, 820--a collection of patents, originated in 1988, currently held by Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, Chief pathologist at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and head scientist of the Department of Defense' investigations (denials) into Gulf War Illness....

It was the year I discovered that although I myself never served in the military, my own EBV illness was in all likelihood caused by mycoplasma fermentans incognitus, the aforementioned darling organism designed and weaponized by the Army for the Dept. of Defense using a strand of uncoated DNA from the brucellosis/brucella bacterium, engineered at US Army labs at Ft. Detrick, Maryland -- a malevolent organism whose overwhelming efficacy as a weapon was made known to our own government via public testing with full approval of our current administration, Congress, the CDC, the NIH, and the governments of Canada, and Great Britain.

It was the year I learned that under US Law, title 50 chapter 32 section 1520-a, our government and its military could perform ongoing biological weaponry tests on whole American communities without their knowledge or approval, whenever and wherever they liked.

It was the year I discovered (via ordering transcripts of 20 years of senate hearings) that our own congressmen and women have been aware of such testing and use of unwitting human subjects as biological guinea pigs, for the past 60 years, to even now.

2002 was the year the last of my (protracted) innocence concerning this world we live in, was stripped away from me completely.

It was the year I realized how much comfort blinds us.  Only those suffering desire answers.  Only those suffering desire to know the truth.

As a whole, Americans are still too comfortable to question anything.

It was the year I learned the meaning of "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do..."

God help us.

sunset in TX Hill Country 2002
Hill Country Sunset (taken 12/30/02--both photos taken by Gene)
(To be continued in 2003)

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