(Out of print) from album After the Curtain

After The Curtain - Noah

Echoes from a lost refrain 
weave and bend
They haunt me
After the curtain--
Once-filled rows of smiling faces
Now a sea of empty places
After the curtain

I blink back leaping heart
(Who thought those were footsteps in the sand outside my door?)
Only to find
My last cigarette crackling loudly in the stillness--
Ashes growing longer
Too much
After the curtain

My song is through
It was your song too
And it must have played at least a hundred times now--
I could feel you in the music while the room was dark
And I remember your leaving...
Take me, too
I feel the cold that follows
After the curtain

Words and music copyright ©1981 Betty Elders/ Whistling Pig Music (ASCAP) administered by BUG Music

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