Only He...

Only He ("Det Finnes En")

You have been my consolation
You have been my strength and store
You have carried every burden
You have given so much more

In my youth I tried to know you
As I wandered far away
Darkness then my lone companion
Now upon your Rock I lay

Such a tempting world before us
Though we can not face its cost
Only He could ever help us
He's the One who loves us most

Take His love He offers freely
Take His hand you will not fall
Though you stumble He will hold you
Listen when you hear Him call

He will be your consolation
He will be your strength and store
Only He can lift life's burdens
He will give you so much more


--© 2014 Betty Elders/Whistling Pig Music, ASCAP, and

Roy Kristian Lonhoiden/Warner-Chappell Music, TONO

(Norwegian translation below, by Roy  Lonhoiden)